Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Creating with Cabochons Blog Hop

I know some of you out there in the big blog world are shocked to see that I have finally posted a new blog post.  It has only been 6 months....not THAT long, LOL!  I had a really busy summer with the family and both the boys are now in school.  When Sally Russick made the announcement that she would be hosting a cabochon blog hop I thought this is just the thing to get me back to blogging and participating in challenges, hops, etc.

Well, I was sort of right....

I did start  a design, I just have not finished it yet.

 I made the cabochon with resin.  It is a faux dicroic glass.  In the picture it is really   difficult to see how pretty it really is.  I back stitched it to some Lacey's stiff stuff and then did the suede backing in black.  I did a netting stitch around the cab.  I plan on making the chain of the necklace using St. Petersburg stitch.

As you can see in the above picture, I already started these smaller cabs, and planned on using them with this design, not sure if that is still going to happen.  I now see the focal piece with just a simple black stitched rope/chain of some sort.  

Please visit all the participants, I am sure they all have beautiful creations.  I will post pictures of mine once completed.  Thanks to Sally for getting in back in the groove, although it is a slow process, I suppose it is a start.

Your Host:  Sally Russick
Alicia Marinache           
Lynn  Jobber           
Jenny Davies-Reazor           
Jo-Ann  Woolverton           
Marde Lowe           
Dawn Doucette           
Mary K McGraw           
Gloria Allen           

Cheri  Reed           
Sonya Stille   **you are here        
Elizabeth Owens Dwy           
Veralynne   Malone           
Tania Hagen           
Lynsey  Brooks           
Christina Miles           
Holly  Westfall           
Kathy  Lindemer           
Patti Vanderbloemen           

Therese Frank           
Adrienne Berry           
Tanty  Sri Hartanti           
Renetha Stanziano           
Marlene  Cupo           
Sandi Volpe           
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson           

Mischelle Fanucchi           
Tracy  Stillman           
Skylar Bre'z           
Ann Schroeder           
Jess Green           
Susan Kennedy           
Stacie  Florer           
Cathie  Carroll           
Susan F.   

Michelle Caballero       
Sabine Dittrich           
Kristina Johansson           
Kimberly Sturrup-Roberts           
Melissa  Meman           
Cheryl McCloud         
Michelle  Timms           
Cindy  Pack                 

Cynthia  Machata           
Julia  Harris           
Ingrid  Anderson           


  1. Love the pattern you used for your cab. Really complements it beautifully.

  2. Ooh...resin! That is gorgeous! Love your stitching around the cab! This is wonderful!

  3. Faux dichroic glass made with resin - you must have had so much fun mixing those up, and the result is really dramatic. Stitching the bezel in black netting just ups the drama - great design choice. And you must promise to post another pic when the cab is hanging from its St. Petersburg chain!

  4. Lovely cabochon, you've made a wonderful start

  5. Very pretty, can't wait to see when it's done, love that net stitching!

  6. The resin cab is great and I love what you did with the beads. Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  7. Netting stitch is great as a bezel - letting the cab show a bit! Looking forward to seeing this when its done!

  8. Your custom cab is beautiful. I look forward to seeing the finished design.

  9. Very pretty resin cab. I bet its beautiful in person. I will have to remember to check back to see your finished piece.. :-)

  10. I'm always impressed with people make their own cab and then make a piece of jewelry with it in addition! Your cab is great and you're on your way to a wonderful necklace. Welcome back!

  11. Sonya, you MADE these cabochons! My god are they beautiful, I bet they are amazing in person, just like your beadwork!!!!! Great work!!!!

  12. Wow you even made the cab. I am impressed. I'll be back to see the necklace.

  13. Oh my, gorgeous cab indeed! And I love where you've started with the bezel - can't wait to see the finished piece!

  14. Great idea to make your own cab. It's beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished piece!

  15. I love that you created your own cab too. I bet it's a real delight in person.

  16. Oh, such a lovely pendant - I'm sure it'll look gorgeous with a St. Petersburg chain!

  17. You did a lovely job here, Sonya, start to finish! When I look at it, I think it's Victorian meets modern in style, and it is very dramatic! I would love to wear a piece like this, but then, who wouldn't?! :-)

  18. The cab you stitched up is just gorgeous! I hope you post the finished piece :-)

  19. Your piece reminds me of victorian lace. Quite lovely.

  20. I love it. It looks mystic. Can't wait to see the finished design! Great Job! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Cabochons usually weigh about the same as faceted stones. Often, though, a high quality cab and a low quality faceted stones can come out the same in terms of price.
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