Wednesday, January 18, 2012


If you have kids beware.....they can get into the strangest trouble very quickly, even at a young age!  While sitting in the living room with Jacob, my 5 year old, I hear an odd noise from the kitchen.  (Our kitchen is right off of the living room) It sounded like Noah was getting into the pots and pans, a favorite game of his, and I start to get up to check when I hear a big crash and Noah crying.  In the kitchen the stove is on the floor in a million pieces!
I can only thank God that he was not hurt in all this.  I can only guess that he must have opened the door (this is probably the noise I heard) and climbed on the door and the oven tipped possibly knocking him off and over.  Again I can just thank God for keeping my baby safe.  The humor in all of this is you hear stories like this and wonder where are the parents, are the not watching or paying attention to their kid?!?  This all happened in a matter of seconds, a minute or two at most and I was there the entire time, scary!  Guess I will be getting a new oven, wonder if I can replace the old, broken dishwasher at the same time?


  1. I'm glad your child was safe too. Dropping by to say thanks for the comment on the 'resin or not to resin' question. As a resin newbie, I appreciate it. Isn't it great we get to play in the BSBP? Looking forward to see what you end up making.

  2. Oh heavens, what a scare! So glad God was watching over your baby. And I do know how quickly they can get into stuff. Crossing fingers for a new stove and dishwasher! :)

  3. Maybe Noah doesn't like your cooking....? lol

  4. i am just starting to read through your blog a little at a time... this is not funny, but when i saw the picture of the stove, i busted out laughing... Lord, you must've had a cow... :)


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