Friday, October 14, 2011

Sari Ribbon Blog Party opps....

After having read through at least have of the blogs today, I have learned a few things. I think this is a good thing.  I should have mentioned your our wonderful hostess in my blog, Brenda Sue Landsdowne of B'sue Boutiques  I also learned that it is a good idea to list the rules of the challenge. The rules were VERY simple:
1.  Your entry must be a piece of jewelry, and it must have some sari ribbon in it.  
That was it. 
Although I have been playing around with making jewelry for some time I am still very much a newbie in so MANY ways.  I want to thank Brenda for doing so many things to help us all grow and get outside our boxes.  I have enjoyed visiting the various blogs today (I am only about half way done) and have been so inspired.  The pieces are so varied but all  so wonderful.

Sari Ribbon Blog Party

Well the time has arrived to reveal our sari ribbon creations......

I was so excited about making something with this beautiful sari ribbon.  I could not wait to get started.

Talk about a messy work space!
 Let me just say that this was so much more difficult than I ever thought it would be.  I had all these ideas in my head and just did not know where to begin.
Well I decided that I wanted to make a layered sort of necklace. So the first thing I did was braid some of the sari ribbon and wrap it around some chain.  I then worked on adding some beads and some sort of focal piece.
I ended up with a multi-layered asymetrical necklace.

Here are a few more pics of parts of the necklace.

I love the small strand of beads.  Wish I had loads more of those.

Once I was done I decided that I should do a bracelet too.
This was really very easy and I love the organic look of it.

Although this was very challenging for me I did enjoy the process.  I only wish that I had more time. 

Here is the list of all the participants in the Sari Ribbon Blog Party.  Please visit all thier blogs and see the lovely creations....I can't wait!

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Sick Kids

Unfortunately I am up at what I still consider "the middle of the night" with a child with a fever for day two.  No fun.  I really hate it when my kids are sick.  Fortunately the little one is not sick and hopefully will not get it too.  I have the same irritation non productive cough but no fever.  Hopefully meds will kick in soon and we can get back to sleepy!
On a very selfish note, his being sick on a Friday cuts into my "fun Mommy time".  On Fridays I work at our local bead store, YaYa beads.  Although it is work, I get my hands into the beads which I just LOVE! 

Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful cruise on the Carnival Sensation  We left the boys with my parents and went on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas.  And I could leave again tomorrow, the only reason I don't say today is I need time to pack :) 

We were celebrating our Anniversary!  We actually felt like we did before we had kids (except for the daily bouts of tears I had when I would see some kids) and just relaxed and did what ever we felt like doing or not doing. 
We have both been the the Bahamas before and did not book any shore excursions.  Our first port was Freeport.

We took a taxi into town and just leisurely strolled and did a tiny bit of shopping and had lunch at one of the local places (wish I could remember the name) and had the best jerk chicken.  It was wonderful, tasted like it had been cooked for hours and the meat was so tender it fell off the bone.

This is the great group of guys playing right at the ship's port.  We had a Bahama Mama and just sat and listened before we had to get back on the ship.

Our next stop was to Nassau.  We were actually in port for 23 hours.  You would think that we would be off the ship during the evening hours, but instead we had a nice leisurely day in port and got back on the ship around 5pm. 
We went to Atlantis for the day.
The casino had the most amazing glass sculptures.

Took a walk through the Lost City aquarium.

I just loved this one!

Cool Jelly Fish, they really were so beautiful.

Some of the largest sting rays we had ever seen.
Imagine diving and seeing this guy :)

Next was a trip down the tubing course they have...such fun.  We really enjoyed it and want to bring the boys back, they would love it.

Our last night on the ship we participated in something new on the cruise ships, the Chef's dinner.  It was a little pricey, but so worth it.  They only allowed 12 people for the dinner.  We got a tour of the kitchen and the chef prepared an amazing 7 course meal for us.  It was about a 3-4 hour meal and was the best meal we ever had, and let me just tell you we consider our selves to be foodies.  Everything about the meal was fabulous from the service to the plating and the actual taste of the food.  5 star no doubt.
At the end of the meal the 4 waiters (for 12 people) and the chef presented Keith and I with an anniversary cake and sang Happy Anniversary to us.  It was very sweet.  We were so stuffed from our amazing dinner that we took the cake back to our room to enjoy a bite for breakfast.

It was a wonderful cruise and I am really looking forward to our next one.  It really is my favorite vacation. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sari ribbon

Well I just received my Sari Ribbon from and am very excited! It is sooo pretty. I just love all the rich colors.  Now what to do with it?!? 
I am going to participate in the Sari Ribbon Party Blog hop and want to do something really fun.  I am thinking of making some polymer clay beads and using vintaj brass, maybe some chain....who knows, the ideas are still just rolling around in my!
I still need to spend some more time trying to figure out this whole blog thing.
Have a great day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

My first blog!!

Well here goes my very first blog post ever!!! Wow I really feel like I have just moved up in the world.  I never would have dreamed that I would be blogging, but my passion for making jewelry and the desire to share and learn from others has made me realize that I must stop living in the dark ages :) and join  the rest of my peers in the world of blogging.  I have been creating jewelry for almost 10 years now.  I was a slow starter and did just a bit of stringing.  I then began to take lessons from my local bead store and started bead weaving.  That is when my love for beading really started to blossom and has just continued to grow and grow and grow!  My DH really wishes that it would stop growing, at least for a little while!  The past two years I have really made my self get out of my comfort zone and push myself to do things a bit differently.  The first thing that I gained from all that pushing and growing was I finally learned to read patterns!! I also discovered that I love working with mixed media.  I am going to continue to push myself out of "the box" and who know where I might end up.