Friday, October 14, 2011

Sari Ribbon Blog Party opps....

After having read through at least have of the blogs today, I have learned a few things. I think this is a good thing.  I should have mentioned your our wonderful hostess in my blog, Brenda Sue Landsdowne of B'sue Boutiques  I also learned that it is a good idea to list the rules of the challenge. The rules were VERY simple:
1.  Your entry must be a piece of jewelry, and it must have some sari ribbon in it.  
That was it. 
Although I have been playing around with making jewelry for some time I am still very much a newbie in so MANY ways.  I want to thank Brenda for doing so many things to help us all grow and get outside our boxes.  I have enjoyed visiting the various blogs today (I am only about half way done) and have been so inspired.  The pieces are so varied but all  so wonderful.

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  1. Sonia, thanks for your comments at my blog but mostly for taking part in the hop. You did a GREAT job, and your post was amazing. You shared the whole process with us, even how you thought it out. THANKS! This is just what I'd hoped many would do. AND THEY DID! Including you. Love that!

    You'd mentioned at my blog could you choose color. I have seen some vendors offer the ribbon in specific colors, but! we buy it by kilos and it's always variegated, sorta kinda like Forest's box of never know what you will get. But in each hank we sell there are many colors and so, there are many ways to go. My own project was made from ONE single hank I had down in my workspace. Look at how many colors that resulted in!

    I hope you will stay tuned to B'sue Boutiques and join us for our future hops. It looks as though they will become a quarterly 'pleasure', LOL. So you might want to follow Jewelry Making Outside the Box, the B'sue Boutiques website blog (where we sponsored the hop) as well as join the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group at Flickr, so you can stay in the loop and join us again and again. We want you!


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