Friday, October 14, 2011

Sari Ribbon Blog Party

Well the time has arrived to reveal our sari ribbon creations......

I was so excited about making something with this beautiful sari ribbon.  I could not wait to get started.

Talk about a messy work space!
 Let me just say that this was so much more difficult than I ever thought it would be.  I had all these ideas in my head and just did not know where to begin.
Well I decided that I wanted to make a layered sort of necklace. So the first thing I did was braid some of the sari ribbon and wrap it around some chain.  I then worked on adding some beads and some sort of focal piece.
I ended up with a multi-layered asymetrical necklace.

Here are a few more pics of parts of the necklace.

I love the small strand of beads.  Wish I had loads more of those.

Once I was done I decided that I should do a bracelet too.
This was really very easy and I love the organic look of it.

Although this was very challenging for me I did enjoy the process.  I only wish that I had more time. 

Here is the list of all the participants in the Sari Ribbon Blog Party.  Please visit all thier blogs and see the lovely creations....I can't wait!

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  1. Beautifully done! I really like how you layered the necklace! The bracelet is very well done too! Great ideas for the use of Sari ribbon.

  2. WONDERFUL POST.....two designs, wow, you are something else, girlfriend. I can't say which I like best! I'd wear them both! But I am really intrigued with that cuff. After the hop frenzy and I've seen all the work I'm coming back here to have a better look at that one FOR SURE. I love that you shared your workspace, too! FAB! Be sure to come on over and join B'sue Boutiques Creative Group, if you haven't, yet. Fun, free, easy, and we hope as many as can will post their sari ribbon projects there too....let's keep the creativity ROLLING! Thanks for accepting the challenge and following through. AMAZING JOB. Brenda Sue Lansdowne/B'sue Boutiques

  3. WOW!!! I love the way you used the sari, Sonya. The colors are amazing!

  4. Another couple of pieces that say Renaissance to me. Very nice.

  5. Very cool use of the sari ribbon on that bracelet. I like it a lot.

  6. Great idea of braiding and I love the bracelet too!

  7. Love your multi-strand necklace and the braided "chain" with such beautiful colors. Also loved that bracelet - what a fun cuff that will be to wear :) ~J-Lynn

  8. I love that bracelet! So cool! And the necklace is amazing, you are so creative :)

  9. Both pieces are gorgeous and so nicely done!

  10. Love 'em! I'd love to know how you made that bracelet. I like the form of it! Great mixture of colors in both pieces.

  11. Both pieces are spectacular! My favorite is the bracelet and I am intrigued by the bracelet base.

  12. Lovely necklace...AWESOME bracelet! The ribbon worked nicely through the Bracelet! Would love to know more about the bracelet as well. Is this something that you wired yourself? ;o)

  13. LOve them!, the necklace is just awesome, I just love how you worked the layers!

  14. Love the necklace, the layers are wonderful!

  15. Both are nice. The bracelet is really fascinating with all the color and texture

  16. Really trying hard to leave a comment on your blog but my computer doesn't like your blog for some reason. Loved the "balance" of the is just perfect. Interesting bracelet base. How did you do that? Great pieces showing off your talent.

  17. I am so amazed by these two pieces! The necklace I would wear and the bracelet! Nicely done!

  18. I would really love to comment to individuals but can not seem to figure out exactly how to do that?!?! Frustrating.

    THANK YOU all for all the wonderful comments. As to those that are interested in my bracelet it was soooo easy you! I purchased the wire form (wish I could say I made it :) )from my local bead store
    and just wound the sari ribbon between the rows. I used two very different colors of the ribbon for the multi-color effect. I was going to add some beads but decided I liked the simple look. Thanks again, this has been so much fun. I can't wait to participate in my next blog hop/challange.

  19. Loved both pieces and would wear either one in a heartbeat.

  20. lovely work!!! and I adore the bracelet especially! It is calling to me!!!

  21. Wow! If you are a beginner, I want to begin again! The necklace is beautiful, but the bracelet really stunned me, so pretty!

  22. Both beautiful pieces. Love the graceful neckline of the necklace, and the bracelet is just fun! Great job!

  23. Thanks for visiting my blog, Nice necklace and the bracelet is amazing the added ribbon makes a plain bracelet really special!

  24. The necklace is both pretty and colourful, but I must say the bracelet is my fave. Love the look of the ribbon wrapped and woven around the metal. Great job!

  25. I've been browsing througha all the comments left for you and I have to agree...the bracelet is my favorite and I have never seen a bracelet blank like that. Beautiful work!

  26. Oh, I am in love with the cuff....
    Love the colors!

    If you have passed through my website to leave me a comment then I want to apologies, as leaving comments was impossible.
    I have sorted things out now, and I really would appreciate it, if you stopped by to leave me your comment in this splendid Blog-Hop!

  27. Love the bracelet! The ribbon is controlled a bit, but still very organic looking. I would definitely wear this piece myself.

  28. Wow, I really need that bracelet! :) great job!

  29. I adore the bracelet! Fabulous colors--very jewel toned. Quite lovely!

  30. Both designs are wonderful! Love the bracelet--fabulous jewel tones. Quite lovely!

  31. What a great cuff to work with. The colors you chose are very enticing!

  32. Love the design of the necklace,the combo of the links , the color in the beads, the tulip bead caps as fiber end caps!! And being a big weaver of fiber and metal, I have to say I love the bracelt as well!!
    I missed the hop due to family matters, hope you will have the time to visit me @:

  33. I love that cuff, the colors are amazing!

  34. Sorry to be late to the party. Dead computer. Pfft.

    Love how you braided the ribbon, and the cuff idea is neat! You got some beautiful ribbon to work with.

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