Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Color Crayon Challenge

 One Crayon Color Blog Hop: Monochromatic  Designs

Sally Russick at  is hosting this challenging and fun blog hop.    The directions were for us to create  using hues of just one color from the original crayon box.  We were not limited to just jewelry.  We could create jewelry, a painting, and a set of beads, fiber art, or any other sort of creative project.   I chose the color blue thinking I would challenge me but not be overly difficult.  Well let me tell you it was harder than I thought it was going to be.  I love color and really thought blue would be fun.  It was fun but still a challenge.    I wanted to bead weave my design.  I pulled all the blue from my stash and made a trip to my local bead store.

I apologize for my horrible pictures…I am asking for a photo tent for Mother’s day…let’s hope!

I picked several colors and settled on creating a spiral necklace.   I unfortunately was not able to finish due to having to go out of town (to the beach….I know poor me!)  I brought the stuff with me, but you know how that goes!

I also made some torch fired enamel beads.  I just recently learned this technique  and love it, I am still not very good and my supply of enamels is not built up yet so my blue is cobalt blue.  The two lighter of the beads are a blue I did from when we had a studio day. 

I also did some beaded beads. 

I used one of the enameled beads and some fresh water pearls and some Swarovski crystals to make a bracelet.  I unfortunately did not bring any finishing items with me so it is waiting.  We are in Myrtle Beach, SC and I will be making a trip to the local bead store so I may get it done in time. 

I am really enjoying these challenges and love visiting all the other blogs to see all the wonderful creations.  I am sure that I will be inspired to create a few other pieces in other colors! Please take the time to visit the other 65 participants.

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  1. Honestly I don't think the photography is horrible at all! I love the multi-strand necklace (I do NOT have the knack for that, they're always wrong in some way). And you have NAILED enameling!

  2. I just love twist patterns and your necklace is lovely - really like it!

  3. What a lovely spiral necklace! The blues are just fabulous all togehter.

    I love your enameled beads and hope to someday make my own.

  4. Sonya, your bead weaving in GORGEOUS!!! And the color you got on those enameled beads is wonderful!!! Actually everything you created is wonderful, WOW you really got inspired!!! I'm so glad you were able to join in on the blog hop fun!!! Thank you!!

  5. That necklace is just gorgeous! Great job on your enameling! I just started to do this as well - let's just say I won't be posting any pics of my work too soon (MUST practice)! Beaded beads....I CANNOT do that and I am jealous! Nice work!

  6. All of your beads are gorgeous. I love the bold dark blue in the enameled beads. And your spiral is gorgeous. I just love all the different beads you used.

  7. I love your multi-strand necklace and how it twists around - and the colors and beads themselves are fabulous! Great colors on the enameled beads and those beaded beads - wow! Love them all!!

  8. Just love your twisted blue rope necklace...such texture. And great work on the enamelling, it's something I want to try but haven't found time for yet.

  9. Loved the necklace - it came out beautiful! And the enameling - jealous :) I need to try it one day...

  10. Wow! That necklace is lovely and with all the enameling I'm seeing lately, makes me want to try it! Really nice job on all!

  11. I like how you used the gemstones in the spiral rope, and your enamels are gorgeous! Enjoy the beach -- Myrtle is a fun place to be!

  12. All of your projects are wonderful. I'm especially smitten with your enameled beads though. They are so great! Enjoy your time at the beach. :)

  13. Gorgeous enameling on those beads, and that one beaded bead, yum! But your bead work...that's what's really catching my eye! So luscious and amazing!

  14. I am jealous... enameling is on my list of "to do" things and yours look beautiful. I love the beadwoven necklace also!

  15. Beautiful necklace and beaded beads! Love the enameling you did too -- that cobalt blue is striking!

  16. Finished or not, you made a huge start to your bead weaving! Definitely do finish it - it's too pretty not too!

    And I love your cobalt blue enameled beads. So very, very rich. I find I'm itching more and more to try this out myself, but so far I've resisted. :) Great work.

  17. Your bead weaving is wonderful and I love the colors you are using. I really must learn torch enamaling...oh the beautiful work you did on those beads. Hope you ate a little sand....darn you from a land locked Iowan!!

  18. Very nice! I love beaded beads!

  19. Lovely work, especially the twisted necklace! I've got Barbara's book but I haven't had the time to try torch enamelling yet - it looks like lots of fun though!

  20. fabulous multi strand & I love how you just 'whipped up' some enameled beauties!

  21. Love what you have made and your enamel is GREAT!

  22. The multistrand necklace is a beautiful collection of bluebeads. Love the enamel beads and the bracelet you made with one. Hope to see what you make with the rest of the enamel beads, they look lovely.

  23. LOVE the twisted shades of blue! So very pretty!

  24. I like what you have done, and you were so prolific! Those cobalt enamel beads are divine, great shade!


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