Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bead Soup # 1

I am again participating in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party.  This one is number 6.  The first one I did was Party number 5.  I had so much fun that there was no question I was definitely going to participate again.  This time the party is broken down into three different reveal dates, July 28th, August 11th and August 28th 2012.   Lori did this because this go around there are 400  party participants .  Lori takes all the participants and pairs us up. We then get in touch with each other and select bead soup that consists of a focal and clasp (not a lobster) and some other beads. We are only required to use the focal and the clasp and these do not have to be used in the same piece of jewelry.  I was paired with Michelle Escano-Caballero, The Cabby Crafter .   I sent my email to Michelle and unfortunately did not hear back from her :(. 
I got in touch with Lori and she gave me a new partner, Sara Oehler of  I sent Sara an email and we exchanged our hellos and have a reveal date of August 11th, 2012.   Sara is a jewelry designer from Phoenix, AZ.  She works for Soft Flex company, and you can see some of her designs here   and here.  She adores color and in fact co-authored a book titled  "Show Your Colors"! 
She has written for numerous publications and as "Ask Sara" for SoftFlex Company many of her designs are featured as promotional pieces.  She also teaches and demonstrates her designs at various beads shows. On August 15th and 16th Sara will be on the television program Jewel School between 10am and 12pm (EST).  Since this is so close to our reveal date she might even bring her finished design to show on air.  How exciting! 

This is the wonderful soup I received from Sara.

I am very excited to create with the soup I received from Sara and hope that she enjoys what I sent her. 

A few days after emailing Sara I received an email from Michelle.  She apologized and informed me that she and her family had just moved and there were  issues getting Internet access. She already knew from Lori that I had been given a new partner.  I could not let her miss all the fun and told her that if she was still interested I would gladly be her partner too.  She said yes and we have the 3rd reveal date.  I am very excited that I have two wonderful partners.  I have also received bead soup from Michelle and have sent hers out.  I will do a separate post about Michelle and our soups.

I love this beautiful Andy Ray focal that is signed on the back!

Gorgeous Czech glass!
Beautiful Tierra Cast  toggle clasp.

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the boro glass beads, they really are beautiful.
 I do not use flexible beading wire very often and I really want to try to use some of it in my design. 

Here is the soup mix I sent Sara.

Enameled Flower I designed.

These are the components of the soup I made.


  1. Wow! That purple flower you made is wonderful, and the way you photographed it next to the pearls made me think what a pretty, simple, romantic necklace it would make, just hung from a strand of pearls! You sent a wonderful soup, and I can't wait to see what you make with the the treasures you received, and what your partner makes with your mix.

    And 2 partners? Glad I don't have to try to do the bead swap designs twice! Once is already making my brain hurt!

  2. Toltec Jewels of JEWEL SCHOOL FRIENDS here :) Wow, beautiful soups! You are so lucky to get to play with that gorgeous Tanzanite and sapphire flex wire! I can't wait for Sarah to go on Jewel School and share the BSBP6 fun with the nation!

  3. What a great soup you have, Sonya! Thanks for being so gracious to me too.

  4. Fabulous soups. I'm drooling over that enamel flower you designed. We are on the same soup date so I can't wait to see what transpires here.

  5. Fantastic soups!Beautifully done.Look at my some of the new collections

  6. What a gorgeous enameled flower you made along with the other enameled beads, beaded toggle and beaded beads (that sounds kind of funny!). I can't wait to see what your bead soup partner makes with these yummy ingredients.


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