Thursday, September 13, 2012

In the Pink

I belong to an  amazing FB group called  Bead Soup Café that was started by Lori Anderson approximately 7 months ago.
 Lori is the creator of the very fun and now extremely popular bead soup blog party.  I have made some really wonderful beady friends.  I call us all friends because even though we have not met face to face we all cheer each other on and encourage our growth and success as artists. Two of the ladies that also belong to the Bead Soup Cafe  group, Shelly Graham Turner and Sandra McGriff created a very secret and closed group on FB called In the Pink.  This group was for those of us in the bead world that wanted to thank and show Lori a little love for organizing the blog parties, the  face book group, and so many amazing and fun bead swaps. 
Lori has some beautiful pink in her hair.

  Shelley and Sandra thought it would a fun and cool idea for us to go a little pink for Lori!   


Sorry my picture is just photo shopped but I just could not get a decent picture of myself with the pink I put in my hair….I am going to keep trying, I know....vanity is a horrible thing.....but I really do hate to have my picture taken, I am sure some of you can relate, and I do like this picture of myself.  I love the hot pink too!  I do really like the pink in my hair and I think I am going to  do it often during the month of October in support of breast cancer awareness month. 

So I really want to take a minute to just tell Lori THANKS!  I have participated in BSBP #5 (this was my first) and BSBP #6  with 2 reveal dates.  During BSBP 5 I was paired with a wonderful lady from Canada.  We both sent our soups to each other on the same day but it was taking sooooo much longer for the soup to get to me from Canada.  We were quickly approaching reveal day and perhaps my soup was out there lost....well the very sweet and generous Lori sent me another soup.  This is what I created with the soup Lori sent me.  I just LOVE that amazing focal.  The only thing I added was the wire and a few round Czech glass beads, the rest was from Lori.  Thanks!  She. did not have to send me anything, and I am sure mine was not the first soup she sent or even the last.  This to me just shows her kind and generous heart.

By participating in these challenges I have really grown as a designer.  I have created things I would probably never done with great beads that I would not have bought for myself, I love it!  I have since really jumped on the blog hop bandwagon and I am having the best time.  I love the FB chat group and have learned and been inspired by all the amazing ladies.  So Lori keep up the hard work, I really do not know how you do it but there are so many of us that do appreciate it!

Look at this amazing bead the extremely talented  Lea Avroch created for Lori!  How sweet.

Please visit all the others and see them  In the Pink!

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Mária Horváth
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Sandra Young
Sandi Marinaro Volpe
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Terry Matuszyk
Audrey Belangér
Sandra McGriff
Shelley Graham Turner
Sally Bohner Anderson
Mowse Doyle
Judy Daly Reganti
Brenda Lee Sigafoos 


  1. I wish I had known! Lori is so sweet, supportive and has such a generous soul! This is great of you all to do!

  2. that bead is perfect! what a great way to thank Lori! wonderful idea

  3. She is so deserving of this tribute. Great post!

  4. Very nice tribute to Lori. She is one kind soul! I like your pink photoshopped hair!

  5. Beautiful tribute! & I love how you look, photoshopped hair or not!

  6. Love the pink photoshopped hair! Great post!

  7. Your photo is really neat! I like it too. And brilliant idea to go "in the pink" in October too, Sonya.

    love your story of Lori sending beads! Lovely tribute :)


  8. Wonderful post :) And I can't believe you faked a pink picture.. when you've got REAL pink in your hair .. tsk tsk tsk lol ;) but I understand...I redid the pink in my hair later to a softer shade, and it doesn't seem to show up on camera very well.

  9. Oh - I hope you do post a pic of the real pink for us to ooo and ahhh over soon! I'm sure it's beautiful! The photoshopped pic is pretty awesome, too! :)

  10. I so understand about not liking your photo taken! I keep seeing my photo on all these blogs and every time I think "eek!", LOL!

    I love what you did, and you're amazing. Thank you.

  11. I photoshopped mine too, but I really like the way yours looks!! And what a lovely tribute...


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