Sunday, October 14, 2012

Head to Head Challenge

My friend Sweet Freedom and I have decided to do a head to head challenge.  We each start with the same bead and the only hard and fast rule is that it must contain some free form peyote.  This is perfect for me since I just did this stitch for the first time and really want to try it again.  We will do a monthly blog update on the 14th.  Our finished pieces will be revealed on January 14th 2013. 

We are the only participants in this head to had and we worked together to find one or more matching beads that we would both be happy to create a design from.  We had an entire bead mat full of matching beads and eliminated down to the following really cool ceramic triangle bead.  I am really into the fall colors right now and this is just the perfect color, it is a beautiful reddish orange color. 
Both of these pictures were taken from  Sweet Freedom's blog.
Ever since I joined the first BSBP #5 I have been hooked on blog challenges.  They have really made  me grow as a designer and I just LOVE them so this is perfect for me.  We often joke and I call my  friend  a Jedi Master and I am her apprentice. 

I must say that we are both much more attractive than these two....LOL!

Over the years of our friendship I have learned a great deal from her and I am honored that she wants to do this challenge with me.  I am excited to see what we each create. 
So be sure to return on the 14th of November and December to see our updates and January 14th for the final reveal.


  1. Now I wish I had brought beads home to play with! This wil be fun. Can't wait see what we both come up with!

  2. Sonya - I'll look forward to seeing what the two of you come up with! :)

    What a great challenge!


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