Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Bling 2 Blog Hop


I am once again participating in the Holiday Bling Blog Hop hosted by Shelley Graham Turner and Marlene Cupo

This time I was paired with the extremely talented Debbie Rasmussen.  She makes stunning bead woven items so I knew that I would receive something really great from her.  We exchanged some emails and got to know each other a bit.  I learned that she really likes copper and warm tones.  I also do some bead weaving so I did not want to send her something that I felt she could make herself.  So I went about creating a necklace, bracelet, and earring set using copper.  I made an asymmetrical necklace using some of my enamel beads and copper chain.  I made a bracelet with lots of dangles (one of my favorite styles) also used some of my enamel beads and them some earrings to match.  The necklace clasp is made with a S hook and is adjustable.
I really hope she likes these.  I had fun making them.

Here is the amazing bracelet and earrings that Debbie sent me.  I love them!
They are a beautiful silver/gray color.  The color in my picture is off, sorry.  They came packaged in this cute little purse wrapping.
I will be wearing the bracelet and earrings Debbie made for me on my cruise this week.  If you are reading this on the 15th I will be sailing the seas!  I will visit all the participants when I return.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.  I wish each and every one of you and wonderful and prosperous New Year!
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  1. Both sets are absolutely beautiful! Have fun on your cruise!

  2. You created a stunning copper set! She will be thrilled! I love what you received, too - those earrings are a really intriguing design!

  3. Yeah us! I love my gift Sonja, I am wearing all three pieces right now!

  4. What beautiful designs both of you are very talented!!

  5. Sonya, you both made beauties! I love the warm tones in your set, and I'm sure she will too. Her set is gorgeous, and I'm sure you'll have a great time wearing it on the cruise! I'm a lot jealous!!!

  6. Oh, that copper set is just beautiful, great job! Love the set you are wearing on your cruise, have a great time.

  7. LOVE your necklace!! Great work. And the earrings are perfect! Great design!

  8. Beautiful set!! I love copper!

  9. Oh a cruise! Jealous, not only of that but the beauties you get to wear on it. Your copper creations are wonderful. Thanks for joining HBBH again. Happy Holidays!.

  10. Great jewelry! Looks like you both came out on the winning end!! Enjoy your cruise!!

  11. Enjoy your holidays and your cruise! Your work is so warm, and Debbie really loves it. My best to you for the new year!

  12. Well Miss Sonya you are out to sea right now, lucky lady! I know you will get some use out of that gorgeous woven set your partner, Debbie, made for you. The work!

    You KNOW I love what you created. I love copper. AND enameled beads. I love all three pieces but especially the bracelet. YUMMY!!

    Thanks for participating AGAIN!!- HAPPY HOLIDAYS, ~ Shelley

  13. LOVE that copper set, copper is my favorite to wear & to work with. The set you were gifted is beautiful too. Have a great trip!


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