Sunday, March 16, 2014

Introducing my BSBP partner.....

I would like to introduce you all to my BSBP partner for this year. She is the talented  ands really cool....Sherri Levinton of Cutter Gazette.  She is extremely versatile and I can not even begin to imagine how she finds the time to do all the things she does.  We do seem to  have a great deal in common from our initials to the fact that we both have boys the same age, and we are both red headed. One of the things Sherri does that I just love is the Baby Planner.  How exciting it must be to work with a couple on making everything ready for a new baby....I love it! She graduated from the NY Institute of Art and Design, and can also help you design the rest of your house not just the nursery.
She is a great jewelry designer and also seems to be an expert in paper crafting and scrap booking.
She has made some fabulous wire crochet necklaces.

Look at these beautiful tag she made to put on her Christmas gifts.  She would probably just die if she were to see my Christmas gift wrapping.....I just write their names on the paper with a sharpie... LOL!
She wrote me the nicest letter on her blog,  when I read it I felt an immediate connection to her.  That is one of the things I just love about participating in Lori Anderson's BSBP. 
This is my fourth time participating in the Bead Soup Blog Party. And what a party it is.... there are over 500 participants this year. How Lori and her Husband do this I have not a clue.  I personally want to thank them for taking on this monumental task.  I love meeting like minded people and making new Internet friends, that perhaps I one day may meet in person. 
Please check back often as I will be posting the soup I receive from Sherri, which is already on its way to me!!! Yea!
I am still working on Sherri's soup but plan on having it in the mail Monday/Tuesday so I will also post about what I sent her....I am hoping she loves it.
Talk to ya soon!




  1. This is so sweet, I hope to meet you someday!

  2. Thank you Sonya for your nice intro. I do hope to someday meet you...but I can't wait until we get into the FUN part and create!


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