Monday, March 10, 2014

Slowly returning. ...

I am still around, alive, and kicking.  I have decided that I have been absent long enough.

There have been a few changes in our house.  I have started working after almost 10 that is a long time. Right now it is just part time.  Our boys attend a small K3-12 the grade private Christian school.  We absolutely love it and this year I am serving on the board. This has been a wonderful experience.  In December the board needed to make some changes and I began working part
time teaching  first grade reading, writing, spelling, and math. For those of you that don't know I am a certified teacher. I started in January and really love it. I have a small class with only 7 students.  Makes it a fun group.

My Husband and I started a non-profit organization Hunting For The Cure about 2 years ago and it is really doing great.  We are hosting our first turkey hunt this month.

I have suffered from back pain for several years and it has gotten worse.  I also have this past year or two been having various other pains and issues.  I finally went to see a pain specialist and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  I have begun some new medications and although things are not great they are better.  

When Lori posted that it was time to sign up for the BSBP again I thought oh I think I will just sit this round out.... well.... that did not happen.  Lori has assigned partners and I have been in contact with mine and will introduce you to her this week....I hope.

Here is hoping we start meeting regularly again.

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  1. I sure hope you atart posting again...I love your little to you soon


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