Thursday, June 28, 2012

There were 4 in the bed!

There were four in the bed.... a Mommy, a Daddy, and two little ones, Jacob and Noah. 

 I have mentioned my two sweet boys before, Jacob (five) and Noah (two).  I have always wanted kids and did not have Jacob until I was 36.  When he was a baby he did not sleep in his crib until he was about six months old and even then I would hold and rock him in my arms until he went to sleep.  I am not sure if that was the cause of him being a kid that wakes in the night or not.  With Noah I put him in his crib from the beginning.  I think a big part of it was just the sheer exhaustion of  now taking care of two kids.  Even after Jacob went from our bed to his crib and now into his big boy bed he has come to sleep in our bed during the middle of the night most nights.  Keith would prefer for this not to happen, but I love it.  They grow up way to fast anyway!   And waking in the morning a cuddling with my little ones is just awesome.  Well now Noah has become aware of Jacob sleeping in our bed and is wanting to get in the bed during the middle of the night too!  I love having both my boys with me but is sure does make for a crowded bed...makes me think of the nursery rhyme   "There were ten in the bed".  When they are in our big king sized bed, it is a tight fit and if some one tells Mommy to roll over I may be on the floor....OH NO! 

As you can see they don't just like to sleep with Mommy and Daddy but Jacob will often climb into Noah's bed and they will sleep together, after much playing mind you!

But as I said before "Let them be little".  I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. I did the same but it was with my second child. You are totally right they are little only so long to every bit of cuddle I cherish!


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