Monday, August 13, 2012

Can't live without a cell phone!!

We have had many major changes in our household lately and one resulted in me having to switch cell phone carriers, because I no longer get adequate coverage with my current cell phone...uggg...I hate having to deal with such issues.  Well my dear sweet husband is helping me to make the transition and today I had to turn in my phone that I love. But how good is a phone that has no cell coverage? I was to turn in the old phone and get the new phone later this afternoon, OK not that big a deal....I would be without a phone for a few hours or so, I could survive, right!?!?! 

I turned in the phone and left the store feeling so NAKED!  It was actually really weird. But like I said I would survive.  So what I would have to drive down I-20 and listen to the radio and not chat on the phone, I can do this, so here I am driving down I-20 to pick up our five year old from school and I hear this  weird noise that I think...oh no, could that be my tire!  And mind you I have only had this new to me vehicle for a few days.  I had a car accident about a week ago and was without a car for too long.  I was so happy to get a set of wheels again that would get me from here to there.  OK, so back to the cell phone, yes the noise and funny vibration I heard and felt were indeed my flat tire! 

 I was without a cell phone for less than an hour and already needed it for much more than just idle conversation as I traveled I-20!  I pulled over (in a construction zone no less) and had to flag down a construction worker in his bull-dozing tractor and ask him could I please use his cell phone.  Of course he let me and I called the hubby and said please come rescue me!  Which of course he did.

Yes, after all, tomorrow is another day and it will be a GOOD day!


  1. I am the complete opposite. The most I do with my phone is charge it. Thankfully, I have not faced any emergencies like yours, touch wood.

  2. Figures, doesn't it! Thank goodness for a knight in shining amour.

  3. I have borrowed your self-portrait for my blog post today - thanks! And please keep your bad mojo away from me! LOL


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