Saturday, August 4, 2012

BSBP Partner #2

I told you all a few days ago that I was again in BSBP#6.   I have two partners this time and you can read about my first partner Sara Oehler here. 
My second partner is Michelle Escano-Cabellero. Our reveal date is the final and third reveal on August 25th.  You can find her blog at  She is an extremely talented mixed media artist and she mainly works with polymer clay.  Her creations are beautiful! 

These are stunning flowers made by Michelle.  Picture from her blog.
She sent me a really cool polymer clay focal that I just love.  I have several ideas rolling abound in my head and believe that I will be giving the finished design to my Mother.  I know she would also really love Michelle’s focal. 
 She also sent me a great mix to go with the gorgeous focal.

She made me the card....she is an very talented woman.

Here is a picture of the soup I got from Michelle's blog.  Her pictures are so much better than mine.
I hope that Michelle does not mind that I got several of the pictures I am using from her blog but they are so much better than mine and I really want you all to appreciate the focal and soup mix.

Michelle also sent me a heart that she made for me as a gift. I LOVE it! 

Just like my previous partners I feel like if I were to meet Michelle in person we could just sit and chat like old friends.  This is one of the best things about participating in these blog hops, meeting and making new friends.  Of course I also LOVE  the challenges. 

Michelle really seems like a very giving and loving person.  She is a member of the Houston Polymer Clay Guild which participates in a project started by Diane Gregoire, in 1999.  Dianne is a cancer survivor and polymer clay artist.  Bottles of Hope are created to cheer up and encourage cancer patients.  Michelle recently made her first bottle of hope and it is really a beautiful work of art.

This is just wonderful.  Picture from Michelle's blog.
Michelle also has a FB page and you can follow her on pinterest.  She has an etsy shop but has told me it is currently empty.

Here is the soup that I sent Michelle.

Pic from Michelle's blog :)

The made the copper fold formed leaf and the enamel beads.  The toggle clasp and chain are copper and the other items are a mix of gemstones, czech glass, and crystal.  I can't wait to see what Michelle makes with this soup.  


  1. Two partners; Two challenges - lordy! I can barely cope with one challenge!

    The soup received is beautiful - can't wait to see what you make! Looks like you sent your partner a generous mixture of pretties, too!

  2. What a wonderful article, Sonya. Let's make some bead soup! See you soon.

  3. What a wonderful article, Sonya. Let's make some bead soup! See you soon.

  4. Saturday is here LOL Love adn hugs Tanya


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