Sunday, August 19, 2012

BSBP 1 and 2 reveal update...and other stuff.

I feel that I must give you all an apology if I have not made it to your blog post about your BSBP reveal, and unfortunately this is a great deal of you!  I was in reveal 2 and am also in reveal 3.  I am currently working on my piece for reveal 3 and I can give you a little is something I have never done before....I love learning new techniques.  The hardest part for me in this process is finding the time to go to all the blogs, I like to be able to sit and read the stories behind the creations, but with two little ones finding that time is not always easy.

For those of you that regularly follow my blog you will know that we have been going tthrough some major changes in our household and although some are good it still is very stressful.  My step-daughter has come to live with us....YEA!!! It has really been great having her around on a daily basis, and the boys just love it too!  Alex, turned 19 on the 29th of July and decided he really did not want to get his high school diploma or GED and made the decision to leave us early this past week, we feel like this is not the best or wisest decision but as he is of age and we are not legal guardians we could not force him to stay.  My husband had given him a job and he was able to save a bit of money and felt he was ready to leave, I was really saddened by his decision.  But all I can do now is continue to pray for him. 
I had a car accident, fortunately no one was hurt, had to change my cell phone and then had a flat tire

Yesterday Noah my dare-devil, accident prone amazing sweet child caused me just a little bit more stress.  I was loading my car with getting ready to head to the country and had parked the car in front of the house and he was in the car.  I had the car running and the back was open.  I had finished loading and locked and shut the door to the house, told Jacob to get in the car and I shut the hatch.  As soon I it closed I thought oh no! It was like instinctively I knew that he had locked the door. 

Unlike this picture Noah had his nose pressed against the passenger window laughing, etc. But I did feel like he was just dangling the keys in front of my face.
 So now the two year old is in the car and it is locked and Mommy can not get in, needless to say it was also incredibly hot.  Noah was OK and thought it was all a great game, he had A/C and was making Mommy beg him to push the lock up!  All he would do was push it down :(  Keith was already at the lodge and I am sure many of you will understand there are times when you just want to solve the problem before calling your husband.  So I called my Sister and Alan, they came over and they also tried to convince Noah to unlock the door.  I decided that it was time to call the locksmith and they told me it would be 30 minutes before they made it to the house.  My Sister says, "911 will open the door for free, since a kid is in the car"  we call them and right before the officer shows up....Noah opens the door!  You hear about these kinds of things and think how could that Mother let that happen, or she must not be a very good mother, but it really amazes me how quickly things can happen.  I would not say I was the best Mother, that title must go to my own Mother, but I know I do a pretty good job.  Oh and I forgot to tell you earlier in the day my same sweet Noah locked us out of the bathroom.  The joys of Motherhood.

Well when I started this post it was just supposed to be a sweet short apology letting you all know that even though I have not made it to your blog yet, I WILL.  It just takes me more time to visit them all.  But I love seeing all of the wonderful creations and getting inspired by them.  Please come back on Saturday to see what I created with the lovely soup sent to me by my partner Michelle Escano-Cabellero.


  1. Pass the wine! :) With having 4 myself, I can relate!

  2. i feel you, sista! right there with you... thank you for your sweet comment on my post this morning... it means a lot that someone is reading and understands me!!! take a deep breath and SLOW DOWN... i will try, too.


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