Monday, January 7, 2013


Well we are a week into 2013 and I am finally getting around to my first post of the year.  Last year was an extremely stressful year.  I am not saying that it was bad, it just made me feel tired.   We had several changes in our family, some good and then some not so good.  We moved out to the country full time.  This is one of the really positive things that took place during 2012.  I love the small school my son, Jacob attends.  I love that my boys will grow up learning about wildlife and working on the land. 

  The biggest negative to living in the country is the skunks.....yuck, and the snakes.  The above picture was taken from my car.

2012 was a good year for my Jewelry making.  I participated in many more blog hops and challenges.  I really enjoyed this, although there were a few times that I did feel a bit overwhelmed and thought to myself I need to stop for awhile.  I even thought that my only blog hop for 2013 would be the BSBP.  It is now 2013 and there is no way this will be my only hop/challenge.

I have one that will be revealed on the 14th of January,  my Head to Head Challenge with my great friend Sweet Freedom.

I am also participating in the Art Jewelry Elements earring challenge, and the The Studio Sublime's focusing-on-life-2013.

The Art Jewelry Elements earring challenge involves making a pair of earrings a week using art beads or elements.  These can be items from another artist or yourself.  You just need to list who made the are beads or elements.  This challenge is for the entire year, but it is broken down into quarterly sections so you can do 13 weeks or more.  We will reveal on Sunday's every two weeks.  This means you get to see 2 pairs of earrings from me.  The first reveal date is January 20th.  I choose to participate in this because I often struggle making earrings and want to grow.

The The Studio Sublime's focusing-on-life-2013.  I have joined this a week late, but will catch up.  Sally from The Studio Sublime will email all the participants a photo prompt.  We then have a week to capture our picture and it will be posted on Saturday.  This will last the entire year.  You will be able to see moments of our lives for 52 weeks.  I am really excited about doing this. 

Well this is a great way to welcome in 2013 and say goodbye to 2012!

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