Monday, January 14, 2013

Head to Head Challenge Reveal!!

Well the big day has finally come.....the day to show you what I created in my Head to Head Challenge with my friend Sweet Freedom.  When I sign up for challenges, etc. I usually go ahead and do a blog post that has the title of the blog and set it on a schedule to post on the morning of the reveal.  Last night while in bed with my fever and achy body it dawned on me that my post was going to show up in blog world at 6am with only a title.  I jumped on the kindle and moved the post till 6pm, thinking I would do it first thing in the morning.  Well being sick I did not get out of bed until close to 2pm today.  My sweet Husband, who is sick too, stayed home and took care of our sick 2 year old.  I got up and took Jacob to school and got back in the bed. I could not believe how late it was when I actually got back up.  We then went and picked Jacob up from school and Mommy duties stepped in.  As a parent your job never ends, sick or not.  I am praying that Jacob will continue to evade this nastiness that is going around in our house.  Well with our further ado here is my reveal....

The challenge was to create a piece using this triangle and some free-form peyote bead weaving.


I was not sure what I was going to do and my first thought was to make a necklace.  Part way in and I changed my mind to making a bracelet.  I learned how to bezel around the triangle bead.  It took me about 6 or maybe even 8 times, but I DID IT!!! I am so proud of myself and have the bug to bezel around more and more things.
It was after doing this part on the right that I realized that my piece was not going in the direction of a necklace.
This is a close up of center of the bracelet.
Finished piece on my wrist.  I really like the way it turned out.  For my second time, not bad.  So much better than my first attempt at free-form.

The bracelet lying flat.  It does not look like it would wear well, but it actually does.

I just adore beaded toggle clasps!
Please head over to Sweet Freedom's blog and see what she created, I KNOW you will not be disappointed.   I have not seen it yet, but know it is STUNNING!  She does such amazing work.  I have said it before, she is my Jedi Master!


  1. It's amazing! I love hiw it looks like a net that has trapped the beads. And your bezel is fantastic! I love what you've done! Yay, freeform!

    Sorry you are sick! Feel better soon.

  2. Fantastic job bezeling that triangle - not easy, I know!! I am not gifted at freeform, but I love the direction you took with this bracelet. I just know it feels like fabric on your wrist!

  3. I love your free form bracelet, it is gorgeous. Incorporating the bezeled focal is genius.

  4. GORGEOUS!!! Flat, it is gorgeous but doesn't look like it would go on the wrist, but on your wrist it comes to life even more and looks very comfortable.


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