Friday, January 25, 2013

BSBP and making friends

It is time once again to sign up for Lori Anderson's BSBP  and I have already signed up again.  This will be my third time.  I am participating again for several reasons. 
1.  I love the challenge, receiving something unexpected, perhaps something I would not buy for myself.

Like this really cool bead by Lisa Boucher, which inspired me to create something very out of my element.

Receiving things made by my partner, like this beautiful bead by Michelle Escano-Cabellero  of .
With this bead I created a necklace that my Mom LOVES!

I received this pretty bead from Sara Oehler of  When I first saw it I would never have imagined that I would create this really cool necklace.

So you can see that I really do love the challenge and excitement of getting cool things from my partner.

2.  I love seeing all the wonderful things others create.  I would love to add some pictures of some of my favorite pieces from the past hops but I would not be able to give the artists their due credit.

3. Making new friends.  Sometimes it feels as if some of the people I have met through this blog hop and FB group seem like instant friends and kindred spirits.  One of those people is the extremely talented Michelle Escano-Cabellero of  If you visit her blog you can see some of the amazing things she had made.  She does some stunning things with polymer clay and makes the coolest cards.  This week I received this amazing ornament that I commented on in her blog.  She is so sweet and generous.  I love it and will cherish it.  I can't wait till it can hang from my tree at Christmas!
  Michelle, Thanks so much for this amazing ornament!  I truly LOVE it!

So if you too would like to join in on the fun just visit Lori's blog and sign up.  Sign ups are open until Sunday the 27th. 

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  1. Im glad you received it - USPS scared me that it might break en route to its destination. Take care, my friend!


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