Monday, January 7, 2013

Focus on Life Week One-Self Portrait

I am jumping in with both feet, even though I am a week late in joining The Studiosublime's focus on life- 52 weeks.  You can read about this here.  The photo prompt for week one is a Self Portrait.  For those that know me would think that having to take a picture of myself would have me running for the woods, face covered.  I really do not like to have a picture taken, but I know there are so many of you out there that feel the same way.  I am sure many of the other people that are participating in this photo journey also do not want to take their pictures.  If they can do it, so can I!  Sally told us in her prompt that we should not worry about taking our pictures and focus on the beauty within us all.  I agree with her.  I always look for the beauty in people.  There are so many people that do not think they are attractive or have an issue with something about themselves, but really they are beautiful!  Of course I don't feel this way about myself......but here goes.
 My very first thought was I will get a picture of me from the rear that way they do not have to see my face and I do like my hair.  I then decided that was just not totally right.  I am still including this picture because this does show a great deal about me.  The majority of the time I wear my hair in a pony tail.
There you go!  Of course I do not like this picture but hey it was the best I could
 do.  I look a lot like my Mother.  I often tell people that if they saw my Mom on the street they would know she was mine because I look just like her.   I really see my Mom in this picture. 
Week one down!  Come back on Friday January 11th for week two.


  1. It is a beautiful picture and you do have beautiful hair!

  2. You are beautiful, good for you for being brave.

  3. I never noticed how much you look like your Mom until this photo!

    This is one challenge I certainly will not be taking up. LOL

    Did you know the "post a comment" button on your blog has disappeared? You have to click on each individual post to make a comment. Wierd

  4. I love your hair also. I like the forward picture better, though. You have a pretty face.

  5. hooray, for being brave! as one who also hates having her pic taken! mind you, if i had hair like that, i'd have it taken every day - just beautiful!!

  6. Just plain happy to see you!!!

  7. Not only is your hair BEAUTIFUL, but you have incredible eyes!! Thank you for being a brave, beautiful woman.


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